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BELANEVE is a dermatological clinic located in the city of Alicante. Through a multidisciplinary team, made up of dermatologists with extensive experience and extensive professional experience, we deal with the treatment and prevention of skin diseases.

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    Patient opinions

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    Paco García
    Paco García
    Spectacular attention from the entire team. The satisfaction of having had the best medical and personal assistance. Thank you!
    Carol - A
    Carol - A
    Dr. Leiva is a charm. Professionalism above all and very very empathic. Highly recommended!
    Exceptional care and wonderful and super professional doctors!!!
    Alexandra VM
    Alexandra VM
    It is the first visit and it will not be the last. The treatment has been excellent, by the dermatologist María José Sánchez Pujol, not only because of her empathy and patience, but also for having been able to solve all my concerns in an easy way, transmitting closeness. Thank you for the treatment received. See you soon.
    Elizabeth Piera
    Elizabeth Piera
    I went to the dermatology clinic and I have to say that I was very happy with the treatment received by the staff and the doctor. highly recommended
    Fran Alicante Pastor
    Fran Alicante Pastor
    Very good service and very professional in everything. I went for a dermatology issue and the quality of the consultation was excellent. Dr. Belen and her team treated me with great tact and respect. Thank you for knowing how to treat people. I recommend it 100%
    Jose Maria Aparacio Boluda
    Jose Maria Aparacio Boluda
    Excellent facilities, very nice treatment. We went to Dr. Belen Encabo for a dermatological consultation for adults and children and her treatment was excellent, as well as a great professional, with a very exhaustive analysis.
    Cristina Legoff
    Cristina Legoff
    Spectacular result in my chest operation. Wonderful professional with a wonderful team
    Laura Pretel Segarra
    Laura Pretel Segarra
    My experience has been very good! I arrived with a skin problem (psoriasis) which prevented me from having a normal life and Dr. Belén helped me a lot, getting very involved in my case, thanks to her I was able to solve a problem that dragged more than 1 year, totally a great professional and very close.
    Dra. Belén Encabo Durán - Dermatology

    Dr. Belen Encabo

    Medical director of our dermatological clinic in Alicante

    “The health of my patients' skin is my priority. I believe that proper prevention is the key to avoiding most skin diseases, whether tumor or inflammatory. I highly value the doctor-patient relationship, I am convinced that it contributes enormously to improving their health.”

    Dr. Ines Poveda

    Specialist in Pediatric Dermatology

    "It is important, from my perspective, that skin care is carried out from infancy to older ages. For this reason, the comprehensive, professional and close assessment of my patients is essential to offer quality care."

    Dermatologist in Alicante - Dra. Sánchez Pujol | BELANEVE

    Dr. Maria Jose Sanchez

    Specialist in Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. Responsible for the area of ​​dermatological laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) of Belaneve Clinics

    “An adequate diagnosis is the essential requirement before carrying out treatments with dermatological laser or intense pulsed light. We offer our patients the best solution for their skin needs, in clinical dermatology and aesthetic dermatology.”

    Dermatologist Alicante - Ximena Calderón Castrat | BELANEVE

    Dr. Ximena Calderón Castrat

    Expert in dermatological laser and intense pulsed light (IPL)

    “Lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) have revolutionized the world of dermatology. These systems use light to treat common problems such as blemishes, skin lesions, vascular lesions and acne scars. They also serve to improve the texture of the skin, eliminate wrinkles, correct skin photoaging and hair removal.”

    Aesthetic Dermatologist Alicante - Dra. María Leiva | BELANEVE.

    Dr. Maria Leiva Salinas

    Expert in Cosmetic Dermatology and individualized skin care 

    “As a dermatologist, I consider that an individualized assessment of my patients' skin is essential to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Thus, a global approach is carried out, recommending the most suitable cosmetic products for daily use that can be complemented with other techniques such as pulsed light, laser, peelings and mesotherapy.»

    Private Dermatologist Alicante | BELANEVE

    Dr. Pedro Alvarez Chinchilla

    Medical specialist in Medical-Surgical Dermatology and Venereology

    "At our dermatological clinic in Alicante I will cover the most common skin problems, from acne and rosacea, to tumors and small skin surgeries. I will also perform laser and aesthetic treatments like the rest of my colleagues, but I will also deal with problems of infections and venereal diseases. Venereology, or the study of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, is an area included in the training of dermatologists, but many times patients do not know where to go when they have this type of problem. At Belaneve we have diagnostic and therapeutic methods for this type of situation, which when delayed can impact and have repercussions on the patient's health and even on her intimate life. »

    Dra. Belén Encabo Durán - Dermatology

    Dr. Juan Jose Andres Lencina

    Specialist in Medical-Surgical Dermatology and Venereology. Head of the Trichology and Hair Transplant Unit at Belaneve Clinics

    "One's Trichology is a specialized field of medicine that deals with the study of the diseases, anatomy, and functions of hair and hair. Arises mainly in Dermatology where its study is framed, but it is established as a field of super specialization within it, due to the continuous advances and studies that have been produced in it.”

    Capillary Dermatologist Alicante - Lesset Sardá | Belaneve

    Dr. Lisset Sarda

    Specialist in Medical-Surgical Dermatology and Venereology. Member of the Trichology and Hair Transplant Unit of Belaneve Clinics

    “Our hair is constantly exposed to different factors that can alter its health: environmental agents such as the sun or pollution, medications, poor nutrition, stress, hormonal changes, genetic origins, chemical products from dyes or lacquers, the heat from the dryers... 

    This exposure can cause serious hair problems that negatively affect the quality of life of many people. For this reason, in the face of any abnormal symptom, it is essential to make a correct diagnosis in time, to offer a personalized treatment plan that will stop hair loss or put an end to conditions such as dandruff, dryness, seborrhea, premature aging and any structural alteration. ."

    Dermatologist Alicante

    In our clinic dermatology in Alicante We will take care of the health of your skin. Request an appointment now!

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