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Pediatric Dermatology in Alicante

La pediatric dermatology is a medical specialty that deals with the study, prevention and treatment of skin health in children and adolescents.

There are very characteristic skin pathologies of this age such as hemangiomas, molluscs, acne, impetigo, diaper dermatitis, hereditary dermatoses... In addition, children and adolescents can also present diseases common to the general population (warts, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, vitiligo, atypical moles…). However, pediatric patients require special care with treatment aimed at this age group. All this, without forgetting that a close relationship with children and adolescents as well as adequate communication with parents are necessary to carry out a consultation of pediatric dermatology successfully.

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    Pediatric Dermatology in Alicante | BELANEVE

    When should you go to the children's dermatologist?

    In addition to when we detect symptoms of a possible skin disease in our children, check-ups with the pediatric dermatologist are essential throughout their childhood. For this reason, in our dermatological clinic in Alicante We recommend checking the skin of children at least once a year, especially to observe the new moles that appear or see if the previous ones have increased in size.

    In addition, during the first months of life, the review pediatric dermatology can detect serious diseases. And subsequent visits to the pediatric dermatologist they can prevent certain problems from developing during adulthood.

    Dra. Belén Encabo Durán - Dermatology

    Dr. Ines Poveda

    Specialist in Pediatric Dermatology

    "It is important, from my perspective, that skin care is carried out from infancy to older ages. For this reason, the comprehensive, professional and close assessment of my patients is essential to offer quality care."

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