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Treatment of varicose veins in Alicante 

Led by Dr. Anaya Sifuentes, we offer our patients a specialized medical service in treatment of varicose veins in Alicante. We are specialists in remove varicose veins of all kinds using different techniques. Sclerosis with foam, vascular laser and minimally invasive surgery. Say goodbye to varicose veins, make an appointment now!

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    Treatment of Varicose Veins Alicante - Dr. Anaya | BELANEVE

    Surgical treatment of varicose veins

    varicose vein surgery

    Varicose vein surgery is a procedure that involves the direct removal of as many varicose veins as possible through small cuts in the leg. This treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, so the patient does not have to spend the night in the hospital. And full recovery is usually within 2 weeks.

    Elimination of varicose veins without surgery

    Scleropathy or treatment of varicose veins with microfoam

    Due to its good results and low cost, this varicose vein treatment It has become very popular among patients who decide to remove their varicose veins. Sclerotherapy consists of the direct injection of a sclerosing substance into the diseased vein to remove it. Its main advantage is that it is an outpatient procedure. The patient does not have to be hospitalized or interrupt their lifestyle, since the infiltrations are performed with such a fine needle that the use of anesthesia is not necessary.

    Laser treatment of varicose veins

    Above all, it is a technique widely used in the treatment of small varicose veins. It consists of the direct application on the skin of a source of laser energy. In addition to generating good results, it is also an outpatient technique, it does not require hospitalization.

    Treatment of Varicose Veins Alicante - Dr. Anaya | BELANEVE

    Dr. Magaly Anaya Sifuentes

    Treatment of varicose veins in Alicante

    "In BELANEVE pWe put science and technology within your reach for the treatment of varicose veins in Alicante of all kinds, from the simplest to the most complex cases. Our main objective is to seek excellence in patient care, providing personalized treatments, to solve not only the aesthetic problem but also the underlying functional problem."

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