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Trichology in Alicante

We take care of the health of your hair and nails

In our clinic dermatology in Alicante we have a Trichology and Hair Transplant Unit, dedicated exclusively to the treatment and prevention of hair and nail diseases in our patients.

Our main difference with other centers that offer Trichology in the area is that the Belaneve Hair Unit is directed by Dr. Juan José Andrés Lencina, one of the few Trichologist Dermatologists in the province of Alicante.. For this reason, and thanks to his extensive experience, extensive professional career and specialization in this field, we can offer precise diagnoses and the best guarantees in each treatment.


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    Patient opinions

    100% real reviews, published by patients in the Google profile of our dermatology clinic in Alicante



    «Doctor Andrés is a great professional. Not only during the consultation, but throughout my treatment he has been on top and watching my progress. His treatment has helped me to grow my hair back naturally. My rating is 12 out of 10.”
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    «I went to his consultation for a slight problem of alopecia and the treatment received was perfect, very friendly. He explained everything to me in great detail and several alternatives to solve it. Without a doubt a great professional, I recommend him.”
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    “Super professional and very friendly. He explains everything in detail and very patiently. Highly recommended.”
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    Trichology Unit in Alicante (Capillary)

    In addition to being the medical director of the Capillary Unit (Trichology) from Belaneve, Dr. Juan José Andrés Lencina, is one of the few trichologist dermatologists of the province of Alicante.

    Dr. Juan Jose Andres Lencina

    Dermatologist Specialist in Trichology

    “Trichology is a specialized field of medicine that deals with the study of the diseases, anatomy and functions of hair and hair. It arises mainly in Dermatology where its study is framed, but it is established as a field of super specialization within it, due to the continuous advances and studies that have been produced in it.”

    Capillary Dermatologist Alicante - Dra. Sardá | BELANEVE

    Dr. Lisset Sarda

    Hair Transplant and Trichology Unit in Alicante of Belaneve Clinics

    “Our hair is constantly exposed to different factors that can alter its health: environmental agents such as the sun or pollution, medications, poor nutrition, stress, hormonal changes, genetic origins, chemical products from dyes or lacquers, the heat from the dryers...

    This exposure can cause serious hair problems that negatively affect the quality of life of many people. For this reason, in the event of any abnormal symptom, it is essential to make a correct diagnosis in time, to offer a personalized treatment plan that will stop hair loss or put an end to conditions such as dandruff, dryness, seborrhea, premature aging and any structural alteration. .”


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